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In just about every major city I have traveled in my lifetime, there exists at least one upscale Golf Club that was truly built just for GOLF. Sounds pretty logical…. Right? Not necessarily!

Most new clubs in Cincinnati in the last 10 to 20 years were built with an eye towards the ultimate goal… PROFIT! Not that there is anything wrong with that. Many of these are real estate deals disguised as Golf Clubs. The course is built, lots are sold, homes are constructed surrounding each hole and eventually the original developer sells the course to the home owners and heads off to the next project. The golf experience is forever polluted by the economic necessity of an invasive residential community.

Stonelick Hills will always be different, you have my word. Although there are a few home sites, they will be adjacent to just two wooded holes and will be out of play, not in plain view of the golfer. The driving force behind Stonelick Hills was to design and build a pure, golf only environment and spend my remaining years improving all aspects of the golf experience, a lifetime labor of love. Cash created by operations will be used to improve the course and fully amenitize the clubhouse and the surrounding property. The ultimate goal is to have the finest public course in the state with a relatively small, select membership. We are well on our way!

My staff and I welcome you to experience a one of a kind course, routed through heavily forested hills and over and around numerous ponds and lakes. All golfers from every set of tees will appreciate the uniqueness of each hole and feel individually challenged by the variety of shots necessary to complete such a strategic layout. Enjoy your round as a relaxing stroll through nature, inhabited by the variety of wildlife typical of such unspoiled surroundings. Don’t let the climax created by the beauty and drama so evident in the finishing holes impede your ability to fully appreciate the genuine balance in the design and the conditioning of the entire golf course. I truly hope we exceed your expectations and your visit is a relaxing escape from the hectic pace of today!

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Jake Osterfeld

Jake Osterfeld


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General Manager