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view of hole #18 with clubhouse in the background


Hole 18 Flyover Hole 18 COURSE GUIDE Par 5 532 Yards Handicap 10 Hole 18 Very dramatic Par 5 finishing hole. If you’re not going to try to reach the green in two, you may want to tee off with … Read More

aerial view of hole #17 green


Hole 17 Flyover Hole 17 Next Hole Par 3 201 Yards Handicap 4 Hole 17 The longest Par 3 on the course can stretched to 250 yards. Grab your favorite fairway wood as it plays into the prevailing wind. Any … Read More

aerial view of hole #16


Hole 16 Flyover Hole 16 Next Hole Par 4 309 Yards Handicap 18 Hole 16 What a fun little drivable Par 4. A split fairway with 7 different tee boxes. You must let the combination of your tee box and … Read More

view of hole #15 green with 10th fairway in the background


Hole 15 Flyover Hole 15 Next Hole Par 4 405 Yards Handicap 2 Hole 15 Very long and demanding Par 4 into the prevailing wind. More risk reward off the tee, plenty of room out there, time to go after … Read More

aerial view of hole #14


Hole 14 Flyover Hole 14 Next Hole Par 3 154 Yards Handicap 12 Hole 14 Tough medium length Par 3 with a very large green. Easiest pins are in the front half of the green. Back right is a sucker … Read More

aerial view of hole #13


Hole 13 Flyover Hole 13 Next Hole Par 5 493 Yards Handicap 16 Hole 13 The shortest Par 5 on the course calls for a fade from the tee, anything left is pretty much dead. Good hole to attack off … Read More

hole 12 from the tee box


Hole 12 Flyover Hole 12 Next Hole Par 3 161 Yards Handicap 14 Hole 12 Medium length Par 3. A twisting bunker runs the entire length of the green in the rear. The green slopes hard from left to right, … Read More

view of hole #11 approach


Hole 11 Flyover Hole 11 Next Hole Par 4 345 Yards Handicap 8 Hole 11 My favorite hole. You could justify any club from a 5 iron to a driver on this shortish Par 4. A conservative tee shot is … Read More

aerial view of hole #10 green


Hole 10 Flyover Hole 10 Next Hole Par 5 528 Yards Handicap 6 Hole 10 This is a true three shot Par 5, play it accordingly. If you can drive the ball long down the right side of the fairway, … Read More