Front 9

Hole 5 from behind the green


Hole 5 Flyover Hole 5 Next Hole Par 4 433 Yards Handicap 1 Hole 5 Killer Par 4. If you can favor the left side of the fairway, it is risky, but will pay handsome rewards. If, on the other … Read More

Hole 2 from side of green


Hole 2 Flyover Hole 2 Next Hole Par 4 408 Yards Handicap 3 Hole 2 Medium length Par 4, risk reward begins here. You must play to the left side of the fairway with whatever club keeps you just short … Read More

aerial view of hole #9 island green


Hole 9 Flyover Hole 9 Next Hole Par 5 510 Yards Handicap 9 Hole 9 Talk about risk reward, how much fairway do you want to bite off? If you can drive it fairly long in the left half of … Read More

view of hole #8 green


Hole 8 Flyover Hole 8 Next Hole Par 4 396 Yards Handicap 5 Hole 8 Long Par 4. Definitely hit your driver here, favor the left side as visibility from the right half of the fairway can be poor. The … Read More

view of hole #7 from the tee box


Hole 7 Flyover Hole 7 Next Hole Par 4 367 Yards Handicap 13 Hole 7 Medium length Par 4 with a downhill tee shot. Best to play short and way left off the tee as anything inside the path normally … Read More

view of hole #6 from behind the green


Hole 6 Flyover Hole 6 Next Hole Par 3 192 Yards Handicap 11 Hole 6 Good solid, long Par 3. Always play to the center of the green and always take an extra club, as it plays uphill more than … Read More

Hole 4 green from a distance


Hole 4 Flyover Hole 4 Next Hole Par 5 499 Yards Handicap 15 Hole 4 A short Par 5 that plays downhill and left to right with a double fairway. If you want to get home in two you need … Read More

view of hole #3 from behind the green


Hole 3 Flyover Hole 3 Next Hole Par 3 132 Yards Handicap 7 Hole 3 The shortest Par 3 on the course calls for the most precision. The obvious bailout short and left is safe, but a par is still … Read More

aerial view of hole #1


Hole 1 Flyover Hole 1 Next Hole Par 4 356 Yards Handicap 17 Hole 1 Let’s see if we can’t start everyone off with a par. Short dogleg left Par 4, 45 yard wide fairway. Favor the left side of … Read More