Par 5

view of hole #18 with clubhouse in the background


Hole 18 Flyover Hole 18 COURSE GUIDE Par 5 532 Yards Handicap 10 Hole 18 Very dramatic Par 5 finishing hole. If you’re not going to try to reach the green in two, you may want to tee off with … Read More

aerial view of hole #13


Hole 13 Flyover Hole 13 Next Hole Par 5 493 Yards Handicap 16 Hole 13 The shortest Par 5 on the course calls for a fade from the tee, anything left is pretty much dead. Good hole to attack off … Read More

aerial view of hole #9 island green


Hole 9 Flyover Hole 9 Next Hole Par 5 510 Yards Handicap 9 Hole 9 Talk about risk reward, how much fairway do you want to bite off? If you can drive it fairly long in the left half of … Read More

Hole 4 green from a distance


Hole 4 Flyover Hole 4 Next Hole Par 5 499 Yards Handicap 15 Hole 4 A short Par 5 that plays downhill and left to right with a double fairway. If you want to get home in two you need … Read More

aerial view of hole #10 green


Hole 10 Flyover Hole 10 Next Hole Par 5 528 Yards Handicap 6 Hole 10 This is a true three shot Par 5, play it accordingly. If you can drive the ball long down the right side of the fairway, … Read More